Use These Two Methods To Fix The Dents In Your Garage Door

//Use These Two Methods To Fix The Dents In Your Garage Door

Reasons To Insulate Your Overhead Door in SummersA dented garaged door can deteriorate the overall look of your garage exterior. Moreover, it creates problems when you roll up and down the garage door smoothly. Sometimes, when your garage door has some dents, you prefer for its replacement rather than it’s repair. On the other side, there are some people who prefer the DIY solution that might work in favour. So, if you are looking for the assistance to remove these dents from your garage door, you can follow the below instructions.

  • Method No. 1:
    The process requires some household material like a wooden block, putty knife, rubber mallet, patching material, fine-grit sandpaper, paint and primer. First of all, wash the dented area of a garage door using the detergent and warm water as well as allow it to fully dry until you go for the next step.

    Put the wooden block on the dent part and tap it using a mallet to make it plain. Put the sand on the dented area to keep it plain. You can use the patching material to cover the dented part and make it plain using the putty knife. Leave it until it dries out and then put the sand down again. Apply the primer first and when it is dry then paint it.

  • Method No. 2 :
    To follow the second method, you can use the compressed air, aluminium foil and heat source. After washing the dented area, place a strip of aluminium foil on this. Now, you can use the heat source to heat up the foil. After 60 seconds, remove the aluminium foil and spray the dent using the compressed air for at least 30 seconds.

    However, these two methods are easier to repair the dents but if you are getting any problem to perform these techniques, you can hire the professionals. No matter, there is an extreme damage to your garage door or it is carrying some dents, expert technicians at Halton Garage Doors are available 24/7. Get us for the garage door installation, repair and overall maintenance.

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