Know About the Most Crucial Garage Door Parts

//Know About the Most Crucial Garage Door Parts

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A garage door is made up of several components. These small and large parts work in sync for the smooth performance of the door. All these parts have their different roles in the movement of the door. Over the time, these parts tend to fail and you need to get them fixed for a functional garage door. It is important that every homeowner should know about the most crucial parts of the door. This will help you identify the cause of the problem and prevent it efficiently.

Here is the list of 7 important parts of a garage door.

  1. Door and Sections
    The sections of the door are quite vulnerable and get damaged soon, especially if you accidentally run your car into a closed door.
  2. Hinges
    The hinges are meant to connect the sections of the door and help the door to bend easily while moving. Make sure you lubricate the hinges time to time to avoid any problem.
  3. Sensors
    Safety sensors are located on both the sides of the door near the floor. One sensor emits an invisible beam that is received by the other one. In case, the beam gets interrupted, the garage door will stop immediately. Make sure the sensors are properly aligned to avoid any accident from happening.
  4. Tracks
    The tracks are designed to lead the garage door up to the ceiling. Tracks should be lubricated and cleaned properly for smooth transition.
  5. Spring
    The torsion springs are located above the door and offer support to the door to lift up. If the springs are broken or making loud noise, call a technician immediately. Springs work under a lot of pressure and can snap if handled by an amateur. So, it is advised to call professionals for help.
  6. Opener
    Garage door openers have developed a lot in the past few years with excellent safety features. Now, they can be controlled or monitored with a computer and smartphone.
  7. Bottom Seal
    The bottom seal of the door offers protection from weather and ensure that the door closes properly and there is no gap. If the seal starts to come loose, contact our technicians for the replacement service.

If your garage door is not working properly, but you are not sure about the problem, make a call to our professionals. Halton Garage Doors is your local garage door experts. We will fix your garage door quickly and efficiently.

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