How To Know It Is Time To Replace Garage Door Spring

//How To Know It Is Time To Replace Garage Door Spring

How To Know It Is Time To Replace Garage Door Spring

Every garage door uses torsion spring to operate. Overhead doors are very heavy, that’s why torsion springs work under a lot of pressure. Every door has two springs and if one or both of those break, you will not be able to operate the door anymore.

When a spring breaks, you find yourself in a big trouble. It is a very common misconception that an opener is responsible to open and close the door. But this is somewhat true, garage door springs are responsible for all the heavy lifting. That is why it is highly recommended to make a call to garage door repair professional to repair your broken spring. The overhead door is designed to last for many years. If you do not maintain it in proper working condition, you will definitely face various problems with it.

  1. Excessive noise:
    If you hear an awkward sound from your garage, it can be a spring snapping. Also, if you hear a lot of squeaky sound when you are opening and closing the door, it is a sign that the springs are about to break.
  2. The door suddenly stops when opening and closing
    I When you open the door and it fails to perform its job, it means there is something wrong with your door. In such situation, inspect the door and if the problem is broken spring, don’t force it to open and shut. This is a clear sign that the overhead door spring needs to be changed.
  3. Slow response time
    An overhead door takes a few seconds to open and close. If it suddenly starts taking a long time in the operation, it indicates that something is wrong with the opener or with the door. It is highly advisable that hire a professional to inspect the door and fix the problem.
  4. The sectional door is bent
    Most of the people like to install a sectional overhead door. This is the best choice for those who have very small space. But if the spring goes break down and you force it to open or close, it bends the top part of the door. Replacing the damage part of the door could be costly. In order to save your hard earned money, it is better to replace the broken spring.

These are the most common signs that could pinpoint towards garage door spring replacement. Torsion springs are the most important part of every garage door. In case of repair or replacement ask for professional assistance or make a call to Halton Garage Doors in Oakville.

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