Are you really cleaning the garage door?

//Are you really cleaning the garage door?

Are you really cleaning the garage door?Your garage door faces a lot every day- the constant exposure to the environment and the changing temperatures. Thus, you need to make sure to keep them clean at all times to help you have a healthy life at home. A well-maintained garage door not only looks good but also functions well. Moreover, it improves the property value as this is the most significant part of your house.

If you did not know, then garage doors come with a warranty, but the warranty can become useless if the garage door is not properly maintained. Due to the increasing dirt, and soiling of the garage door, it can end up having mechanical issues. Consequently, it might lead to breakdowns and thus worsening of the situation.

When to Clean your garage door?

You should clean your door at least two times a year. However, if you are in a coastal area., it is advised to clean the garage door more often as the door is exposed to more extreme conditions. And, if you see that the garage door has built up pollen, dirt, or dust, then clean it as early as you can.

What do you need to clean the garage door?

  • Bucket of water
  • A water hose
  • A soft piece of cloth
  • Some soap
  • A pair of gloves

Make sure to have them before you move forward to clean the garage door of the house.

How to Clean the Garage doors?

You can start with preparing the soap water- that is by mixing soap and water. Then, wet the door surface with the help of the water hose. Start scrubbing the door with the cloth and be gentle. As you do not want to damage the door. After using soap, it is time for you to water the door and get rid of the soap. Finally, wipe off all the water with a piece of cloth.

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