5 Automatic Safety Features In Modern Garage Doors

//5 Automatic Safety Features In Modern Garage Doors

5 Automatic Safety Features In Modern Garage Doors

Safety and security are the foremost priority of homeowners, especially when it comes to installing a new garage door. Since these doors are quite heavy and large, there is need to maintain them regularly to prevent expensive repairs.

To enjoy a safe and efficient overhead door, it’s advised to consider installing a modern one which is equipped with the latest safety features to ensure a convenient door operation. With these doors, there is no need to worry about your kids and pets playing near the garage.

Some safety features added in the modern overhead doors are:

1. Automatic Reversal System
As the name suggests, this system comes with an automatic reversal mechanism that instructs the door to reverse up immediately in case, any external stimuli disrupts the door operation. In other words, if someone is dodging underneath the door or there is something placed on the floor, the garage door will reverse up.

2. Security Lights
Modern garage door openers come with an inbuilt sensor light that automatically turns on whenever the sensor triggers a door or external movement. By installing it, you’ll never have to walk inside a dark garage.

3. Remote Access
These door elements offer a great convenience and comfort, as one can operate the overhead door from a remote place with the help of a smartphone app, remote control or a programming unit.

4. Battery Backup
One of the common problem homeowners often face with an automatic door is this door can’t operate in the absence of electricity. In case, the power goes out in your home, you’ll not be able to operate the door. The newly introduced garage doors that come with a battery backup allows the door to open even in the power outage.

5. Keyless Entry Pads
To ensure security, an automatic door can be accessed with a keyless entry lock that is installed outside the garage. It allows the homeowners to lock and unlock the door even without the keys. These keyless pads can be accessed with a security code that can be changed anytime.

These are some of the newly introduced safety features in the modern overhead doors. If you are looking for reliable garage door installation or repair company in Oakville, feel free to contact our garage door installers right away.

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